This is the Easter Season and there are many events and theologies in our celebrations of the season.  This Sunday for Spiritual Activism Group’s Free Session, I will be speaking about the resurrection.  This event purposefully leads us to the Ascension of Christ.   That occurred 40 days following the resurrection.  I write about it now as the energy of the season as well as the feelings have passed by us then.  This part of the story of the man Jesus is most important.  Here is where we are to learn we are eternal beings. 

As described in Christian theology, the ascension marks the moment when Jesus, after His resurrection, physically departed from Earth and was taken up into heaven in the presence of His disciples. It’s a significant event in Christianity, signaling the completion of His earthly ministry and the beginning of Christ Consciousness.

In the traditional Christian narrative, the Ascension took place on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. The event is recorded in the New Testament book of Acts, chapter 1, verse 9.

I want to blend Christian teachings with broader spiritual concepts, particularly the idea of Christ Consciousness and the ascension process as a journey towards spiritual enlightenment and unity with the divine. My purpose is to expand beyond the traditional Christian understanding of the Ascension and speak to themes of spiritual evolution and the attainment of higher states of consciousness.

The Ascension represents the culmination of Jesus’s journey towards spiritual perfection, where He transcends the limitations of the physical realm and achieves oneness with the divine. It is a process of ascending from lower states of consciousness to higher spiritual awareness, ultimately reaching a state of unity with God consciousness or the Higher Self.

The concept of ascension as the progressive unfoldment of the human consciousness from the physical to the spiritual aligns with broader spiritual teachings found in many traditions, not just Christianity. It emphasizes the transformative journey towards enlightenment and the realization of one’s divine nature which is Oneness with All.  This Oneness is Eternity.  We are eternal beings. 

The concept of Spiritual Ascension or Spiritual Awakening can be very confusing.  In my experience I have heard, learned, and been told many different understandings of what spiritual ascension/awakening means.  There are tons of information available from many sources.  Consider them all to contain truth… because it is a beautiful, wonderful, multi-layered concept and personal experience that cannot easily be put in a box.

The metaphysical/mystical meaning is that it is a natural evolutionary process which involves the process of shedding the old self and experiencing an inner rebirth on all levels, mind, body, and spirit.

Many people speak about spiritual ascension in terms of being “upgraded,” “rebooted” or raising  in vibrational frequency.  All of these terms are a way of referring to inner evolution and expansion of the mind, heart, or soul.  As the name implies, spiritual ascension is about reaching new up levels of frequency and transcending old limiting habits, beliefs, mindsets, and ways of being. 

It is not a flowers and sunshine path.  It is most often accompanied by major friction and shifts that can result in the dark night of the soul.  What you gain, though, is freedom.

To help guide you brave souls who consciously and with intention choose to work on this freedom, here is a bit of guidance which is based on work by Aletheia:

5 Areas of Spiritual Ascension

1. Awakening of the Mind 

This type of awakening comes when you experience a major epiphany or sudden mental realization. This is a deep understanding which does not necessarily translate to integrated experiences, but it does feel like an amazing flash of higher frequency enlightened perspective that can help you mentally understand life. 

Ex.  Synchronicities that really resonate with us at a deep level and the realizations stay with us and can motivate profound changes in our lives.

2. Awakening of a New Personality 

When mental/emotional awakenings are consistent and go deep enough over a period of time they can result in the development of a new personality. This type of transformation and ascension involves cutting away and moving past old limiting and toxic patterns and people while developing qualities such as self-acceptance, empowerment, and understanding.  While this type of awakening isn’t as deep as a soul awakening, it is still vital on the spiritual path. 

Ex. Think back to the kind of person you were even one to three years ago.  Are you still mostly the same person? Have you made some major higher vibrational life positive shifts?  If you think you’ve changed in a good way, you’ve likely experienced a personality awakening.  

3. Awakening of Spiritual Energy 

Spiritual ascension can sometimes refer to awakening spiritual energy within the body and energy field.  When life force energy (commonly referred to as qi, prana, or kundalini energy) is awakened, major changes can occur on the physical through the spiritual levels.  Ancient practices such as tai chi, yoga, meditation, and tantra, help to awaken this energy, but sometimes life force energy awakens spontaneously.  This sudden activation is called a Kundalini Awakening.

Ex.  An awakening of spiritual energy can feel mild all the way to extreme.   Common signs of an awakening of spiritual energy involve feelings of enhanced vitality and energy on the physical level, energy rushes, tingling and electrical feelings throughout the body, changes in sexual libido, sharpened awareness, and feelings of cosmic interconnectedness. Negative symptoms can also arise especially for the uninitiated… such as mood swings, mania, physical hypersensitivity, insomnia, seizures, loss of appetite or overeating, extreme and scary altered states of consciousness – just to name a few. 

4. Awakening of the Soul 

These awakenings can be brief and sudden, or long and drawn out. Brief soul awakenings are often referred to in Zen Buddhism as ‘Satori’ which is the experience of seeing into one’s true eternal nature.  This glimpse of enlightenment is often short and doesn’t last very long (one moment to a few days). On the other hand, long-term soul awakenings are experienced as a deepening of contact with one’s Soul. This could involve consistently uniting with one’s soul purposespirit guides, or higher self and thereby understanding and beginning to experience oneself as Eternal and Limitless. 

Ex.  Have you ever had a moment in which you felt the division between yourself and the world disintegrate?  Have you ever shifted from the ego-perspective to the universal-perspective?  Have you experienced any moments where you’ve felt deeply aligned with your life purpose? These are all signs of a soul awakening. Developing virtuous qualities such as compassion, tolerance, forgiveness, and unconditional love also accompany soul awakenings. 

5. Total Awakening (Enlightenment) 

Enlightenment, or total ego death, is a rare experience in which the ‘self’ dissolves and all that remains is Unity With All… Oneness With All. This state is called by many names: Oneness, moksha, non-dual awareness, Buddhahood, illumination, and so on. Such an intense state of being can arrive spontaneously or through years of spiritual study and discipline – but in both instances, total awakening is a gift of grace, it isn’t something that we can “achieve” in the normal sense of the word.  When enlightenment occurs, there is an experience of being both nothing and everything all at once; it is a state that transcends thought and the mind itself, it is a Mystical AwakeningThe ego is finally seen, understood, and overcome, and all that remains is the Pure Awareness, Presence, Love, and Truth. 


So!  As we go through this high holy season, the end of the story is just the beginning! 

I truly hope you feel some of the value the story of the end of the physical life of this great Way Shower has to offer.  It hits us on so many levels and this is mixed up with all the Easter traditions and celebration…. but what an energetic opportunity to rise up! 

Spiritual ascension comes in many different shapes and sizes, with the ultimate form of ascension culminating as total awakening, self-realization or enlightenment.   AKA Christ Consciousness. 

 Something we all need.