About Us

Rev. Sally Knuckles

Rev. Sally grew up in a traditional Appalachian WV Baptist church but knew at an early age that there had to be “something more” than guilt, damnation, and hypocrisy. She left organized religion and found her spiritual comfort and inspiration in nature. Living most of her life on the Outer Banks of NC, she found inner peace solace near the ocean. Tragedy struck her family, first in her brother’s suicide, father passing soon after….then sister’s, and mother’s, death. Through these transitions, Rev. Sally sought real answers to life’s heaviest questions. In the early 1990’s she came upon Arlington Metaphysical Chapel while doing business in the Georgetown area. She received “messages” through Rev. Reed Brown…first from her brother, John, then from her Father. Although the messages were accurate and evidence of their continuance of life affirmed, there were many questions left unanswered. The quest for those answers leads her to her love of Divine Metaphysics and Quantum Physics.

She volunteered at The United Metaphysical Churches headquarters in Roanoke, Va. for several years in the kitchen. There she thought, she would “see” who these people really are and how this communication was done. That time gave more positive answers to those life questions and lead her to attend the Seminary at Roanoke. She became an ordained minister and certified medium out of that organization. The question of “how these things can happen in a physical world” lead her to Quantum physics and her love of the realities of this study. “This joining of Divine Metaphysics and Quantum physics is truly where the truth of spirituality and science meet,” she says. This is where Rev. Sally found answers and a philosophy that made sense in a 21st-century world. She knew if there were answers for her, there were real answers for others. She has dedicated her life to helping others find their truth.

Her background is in psychology and she has studied with Dick Stuphen, and received certification in hypnosis specializing in past life regression and past-life therapy as well as metaphysical counseling. “There is no better way to affirm with yourself that life is continuous and that no one ever dies, and you have many opportunities to become enlightened….in fact, you have eternity!” Says Rev. Knuckles. Her mission in life is to bring answers to seekers looking for something more than traditional religious philosophy. In addition to that she wants to help people understand that life truly is continuous and we have our loved ones with us even though they have transitioned into the higher energy…..no one ever dies!

She has created a place for those seekers on The Outer Banks of NC, Charleston WV. She continued that journey in Northern VA as the Senior Pastor of Arlington Metaphysical Chapel {where she began her Divine Metaphysical journey} and started The Northern Virginia Metaphysical Fellowship in Arlington. All part of the United Metaphysical Churches Association.

Both Rev. Sally and her husband, John Nevitt, knew it was time to leave the Northern VA/D.C. area. United Metaphysical Churches had an associated church in the West Palm Beach, FL area. In 2018 they moved to Florida and became active in that church. 2020 and Covid were realities, and the church closed… Spiritual Activism Group came to be.


Spiritual Activism is a vision of life based on unconditional love, on
Oneness and on the sacredness of all beings and the planet itself. It is
also a call to action to create such a new world.