We live in a world of our own creation.

Our lives continue as it has been… not because that’s how our live is meant to be..   but because we choose to make the same choices.

Einstein has told us that insanity is doing the same thing over and over the same way but expecting a different result.

Try choosing to do things differently.  Choose to change.

To begin with, what about starting to get out of old ruts by changing some of your routines?  Little routines, big routines—FIND NEW WAYS TO DO THINGS.  Driving routines, try a new place to get coffee, changing your schedule, drive to the same place a different way, dressing routines, change cooking and eating routines.  ROUTINES ARE ANTI-GROWTH!

These little changes in your routine can lead to larger changes in relationships, lifestyle, career and even the way you do business.  We fear change because we cannot know how it will influence our future.  It just is safer to maintain the status quo… But is it really???

There are times when real change is necessary…if you want to avoid STAGNATION AND ENTROPY.  When faced with these feelings, I turn to the “I Ching”.  It advises approaching change gradually, improving the situation a little at a time so you can judge the results as you proceed.  It warns of being hasty and behaving excessively, thus assuring a “careful calculated transformation.”

The ”I Ching” advises that you establish clarity of intent, remove discordant elements as they appear, and throw out what is “outmoded or stifling,”

The “I Ching” is one of the oldest books on the earth.  And I do consult it often for guidance, but, I don’t think all change should be gradual.  Sometimes change is most effectively implemented with BOLD action.  In any situation there is always one move that can produce substantial results that will initiate change.

Allow yourself to evolve.  These interesting times are frictional because things are changing.  Are you changing with the times?  If you are not, do you feel stagnate?  As things in our world evolve there will be those who remain stagnate.  Stagnation leads to decay.  Decay leads to entropy.  To avoid being in this cycle, try making a change.  When you see the results of that change, and be patient as evolution is a slow process, you will be encouraged to put other changes into action.  Your life will change. 

As we do this, others will be influenced by your change.  And we all heal and benefit from this higher frequency put into play by our small intentional changes.  The choice is always yours.