The cosmos glowed.  The stars embraced.  There was order.

There was intelligence.  There was peace.  God was everywhere!

The Universe:   The universe is a constant happening–continual, endless creating. It is like a tree perpetually bearing fruit because of God’s creative act.

Creation:   Matter does not precede consciousness, nor does consciousness precede matter, but both are complementary to each other.

The Universe:  Now the earth was chaos and darkness was upon the deep.  But the spirit of God hovered compassionately {moved gently} over the surface of the waters. 

Creation:  Sound was heard, The Soil moved, the ground heaved.  The mountains peaked.  There was life! There was Green!  Plants came out from hiding.  The earth groaned.  The trees stood.  Movement was everywhere.

The Universe:  Then God exclaimed, let’s make a chip off the old block.

Creation:  God created humanity in His image and likeness so that He might commune with creation, just as caring parents commune with their children.

The Universe:  Then God blessed them and said to them: Be fruitful and increase and fill the earth and master it!

 We have dominion under the Universal Laws of God to create a better society.  Each individual is responsible to perceive the duality of light and chaos within his/her self.  This inner act of perception will not destroy us. Surely, it will bring us into balance and enable us to change our world.                                                

Paraphrased and taken from:  “The Mysteries of Creation”  Rocco A. Errico                        

Christ Consciousness is the name that is applied to the humans who demonstrate perfection while living on this earth plane.  This is the KNOWING of our connection to Creator Energy….Cosmic Consciousness …
We all have it… this consciousness, the connection…. it is our birth right.

But…do we really realize this???  Are any of us truly conscious of this great and amazing thing we have with us  every day of our life??  We are mightily equipped. 

The true realization of this connection, not just the intellectual knowing…. but at an operational knowing… would be in good timing during this time of great shifts of consciousness and major changes in so many areas of our existence.  As well as our questions and concerns … anxiety and uncertainty…in almost every area of our living…

This is the moment to be studying and working with Consciousness ….our innermost thoughts and feelings…  what we really think and believe… Consciousness of connection… the higher consciousness…. Christ Consciousness….

This term is used often in New Age circles and especially in Divine Metaphysics.  Some associate it with supposed “God Realization,”  a state of samadhi attained when the kundalini or spiritual energy reaches the seventh or Crown chakra.  At this state of enlightenment, the spiritual heart opens but when we shut it, as we do in our daily earthly lives, we disconnect… and so, it is not a permanent connection.

Some use the term “Christ Consciousness” as a synonym for “perfection.”  But there is no “real or total” perfection short of complete mergence with God Energy or Universal Consciousness ….which comes at a level well beyond the highest orders of even the greatest Masters.  Paramahansa Yogananda used it to mean “the perfect man or woman.”

The word “Christ” refers to the Light that we are –  the Higher Self, the Atman, the Buddha nature, the True Child of Mother/Father God, the crystallization of the God Energy…the experience of God in human form ….or the mustard seed that grew into a great tree.  This is transcendence, an enlightenment, a union with the Divine!! 

And when we choose to think about it…talk about it, hear someone express it or living in the truth of that experience, or when we meditate on it, we can feel the energy of that truth.  We know that it is there.

What is it that keeps us from the realization of this energy in our body, mind, and Spirit??  ….with something that is free and available to us from the very moment we draw a human breath??  Why don’t we consciously plug into the flow of that energy, the force, the Divine connection within? 

Most humans are thought to be partially conscious, using only a small portion of their brain power….10%… we are said to exist in “the walking sleep”…

But… I have some good news for you concerning our brain power… Now….we use more than 10% of our brain power and we use every part of our brain… The more correct percentage is around 20%  according to Wikipedia.  And our brains are evolving…it is like any muscle… the more we use it the more powerful it becomes. 

Think about a regular day for you…we go about our daily routines …  We become so preoccupied with everyday life… the business of life… the people in our life… our EGO’s wants and needs {e-g-o…edging God out} …. comparisons and judgements ….that we have become disconnected from the Truth that is just as accessible as all the other stuff we focus on.  

Our Truth is we have all the Christ Consciousness within us that the man Jesus of Nazareth had and used…as well as the other Avatars that have developed while in their human incarnation….. We are God Energy in physical form.  

Don’t you know that ye are Goddesses???

The human Jesus’s work here was to make it very clear that one can meditate, pray and help others all day long, but…. until you go within yourself and remember your truth, take your rightful place AS that truth, as the Christed Being, the son or daughter of Mother/Father God that you are, nothing will change… and one is no closer to enlightenment, to peace, than they were before.

The ONLY way to be in Higher Consciousness is by connecting to the Spirit of the Christ that is within you.  Christ Consciousness is what Jesus came here to teach us by his very life…by example, and it is the very essence of why you are here… to remember and acknowledge that which is within you….is you

That is what our purpose is in our journeys in this physical vehicle… to become conscious of this God energy we have within. Life after life, lesson after lesson…. each life, each lesson a gift for our enlightenment.  

 We experience some wonderful moments in these journeys… and we also have hurtful and sometimes tragic events to go through….but, if you’ll look back, without emotion, without judgment, and really “see” how these happenings unfold, you will see that each has been constructed to help you become stronger, directed, balanced… more loving, more forgiving:  yes more conscious as the individual  you are in these lives.                                                                   

And, if you don’t get the “gift”,  the “lesson” ….the loving Cosmic Consciousness will enable you another opportunity to learn again… and again; until you become conscious of that lesson… until you “get it”! 

And you have eternity to do that.

Part 2 next week….

“How to Foster and Exercise Your Christ Consciousness”