Throughout the history of different cultures, people have often used the words ‘energy’ and ‘power’ to describe their experience of goddess, god, gods, or other spiritual forces. Some ancient as well as contemporary cultures identify god’s manifestation with natural energy itself, such as the sun, wind, lightning, or volcanic eruptions.

For millions of people around the world, spiritual energy comes through an inner experience of the mind, heart, and body. Other cultures understand natural energies as expressions of god, rather than as god’s being itself. For example, in cultures influenced by Christianity, god is considered the creator of natural forces and thus is in a ‘superior’ (or, ‘supernatural’) relationship with nature. Other religions see natural energies as instruments that goddess, god, gods, or other spiritual forces use to communicate with human and non-human life.

Individuals also experience a relationship between natural energy and spirituality in personal ways. Some people feel a spiritual energy within their own passions, motivations, conscience–or even their dreams—which guides them in their life.

 For example, the Mirrar People of Australia identify their dreams and waking visions as inner sources of spiritual energy. Many religions of the world call the source of this embodied, spiritual energy a ‘soul’.

In Divine Metaphysis SOUL is the God part of us, the “higher” self, that also contains all of our past lives, our Akashic records. Spirit is the individual incarnation such as Sally and Diane and will eventually meld with Soul after transition.

 There are other embodied energies that are in this world that are not of the higher energies. Sometimes we connect with these low energies when we are not consciously higher connected … our Soul with Spirit. When we are not consciously connected, there is room for confusion and the lower energies to appear. Like attracts like….it’s a law. This is where dis ease and insecurities find a fertile ground to grow.

When asking “what can I do???”. Keeping a clean mind {no negatives} is the best start to a larger, greater life. Not only for you but for all.