The Metaphysical Meaning of Christmas with Rev. Sally Knuckles

The Metaphysical Meaning of Christmas with Rev. Sally Knuckles

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The birth of Jesus should be understood in three worlds…. the physical/historical world, our subjective world, and the spiritual/mystical world. Until we incorporate these three worlds we will not grasp the truth of the season or enjoy the true spirit of an event that can give us peace.

There is a profound symbolic meaning to the birth of Jesus. The naivety story alone is rich in symbolism containing a timely message that was hidden, by design, so it could survive and reach far into the future. This story/metaphor has endured centuries and continues to bring awareness to human’s purpose on this earth…

Humankind’s attachment to this season is engrained in most of us and we continue to participate in it. Let us explore the reasons why we are so attached to this celebration and what it can bring to us when we really “see” and understand what it truly is about.

Eckhardt asks, “What does it matter if God is always being born, if it doesn’t happen to me?”

From Angelus Silesius, whose sublime spiritual perception caused him to say:
“Though Christ a thousand times in Bethlehem be born,
And not within thyself, thy soul will be forlorn;
The Cross on Golgotha thou lookest to in vain,
Unless within thyself it be set up again.”

According to the mystical tradition, Christ {CONSCIOUSNESS} is born into the world through each of us. As we open our hearts, he is born into the world. As we choose to forgive, he is born into the world. As we rise to the occasion, he is born into the world. As we make our hearts true conduits for love, and our minds true conduits for higher thoughts, then absolutely a divine birth takes place. Who we’re capable of being emerges into the world, and weaknesses of the former self begin to fade. Thus are the spiritual mysteries of the universe, the constant process of dying to who we used to be as we actualize our divine potential.

Join us for a Divine Metaphysical celebration of this wonderful season.

Rev. Knuckles is a Past Life Therapist, Hypnosis for Behavior Modification, Medium/Clairvoyant, Spiritual Coach and Metaphysical Counselor. She is an ordained Metaphysical minister and is known for her work in Universal Laws and Quantum Metaphysics.

She is co-founder of Spiritual Activism Group and has birthed and facilitated Divine Metaphysical Groups and Churches in the East and South. She teaches twice monthly Mediumship/Intuitive Development Classes as well as channels a monthly Trans Circle.

Rev. Sally is available for Readings, Counseling and Coaching, Past Life Regressions and Behavior Modification Hypnosis, and Lecturing and Meditations.


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