I ended last week leading into the individual spirit self …me…you… and how we were created with some wonderful individual gifts unique to our creation.  Understanding our gifts will help us understand and appreciate fully what this individual spirit really is.

Here are some of these great gifts….

You were made in the image of God-Soul….the All.

“…for in the beginning God said, ‘Let there be light.’”

We are one of those sparks of light with all the ability of creation, with all the knowledge of God Source.  We are totally and completely like God Creator as a cup of water from the ocean is like the ocean…there is no difference between the liquid in the cup and the ocean.  We have within us the complete spiritual consciousness, all of the infinite power, total love, and the infinite wisdom to create the perfect patterns for our lives—all available to us in any way or any time we need it!

That means we have everything we need to make our life perfect… that is… exactly the right thing at exactly the right time and place for the greatest good for self and others.


We are endowed with life and consciousness.  We can be aware of ourselves as individuals, aware of our own existence and of other beings’ existence as well as aware of the conditions of existence.  And at one point we were completely aware that we were a part of the Creator Energy, one with that Energy and yet… separate entities conscious of being ourselves.  This consciousness can be called our soul mind or higher self.  It is through that mind, if we choose to use it, that we are able to be conscious of our state.

That consciousness is always available to us.

And, as a result of the creation of our spirits as a portion of God Energy…Soul…we are part of that eternal consciousness that ever was, ever will be.  So… we are eternal!  It is not something we must earn or deserve.  You as an individual spirit exist as a part of Soul before you enter and after you exit this incarnation.  What we experience as death is a transition to another step in our fulfillment of our purpose, growth in our evolution. “No spirit shall ever parish…”

And as the spirit we are… we have free will.  With free will we can choose to do whatever we desire with the gifts we have been given.  This applies whether on this earth or in any other plane of existence.  If we did not have free will, we would be as programed robots doing the bidding of the Creator.  This gift put us in charge of our life.  Within the paradigm in which we exist… we are totally responsible for whatever happens to us… or doesn’t. 

I know that raises many questions about those who seem to be truly victims in the world they live in.  We as soul have chosen the circumstances before we reincarnate in order to grow and help others through our experiences.

We are spirituals beings living in a human body to experience growth and enlightenment, to evolve and progress…

We cannot ignore the fact that we have a physical body in this incarnation…. We are to live in this body for a period of time.  I am like the driver of a vehicle using this body and being in charge of it for a while… as long as it serves my purposes.  But, I am not this body. 

From Cayce: “The startling thing to every spirit is to awaken to the realization that it is indeed a child of God!” [254-95]

We are to realize that we are not separate from our Mother/Father God.  That Presence is within us. We never walk alone.

My spirit come from another source long before my body was created…the real me, my spirit body, was created eons ago, when we all were created together—in the beginning {the Big Bang}.  That was our divine birth, our true beginning… as sons and daughters of Creator.  We are a child of God!

So… why did we come to earth?  After our creation, using our free will, we began to experiment with our powers.  As part of that experimentation, we came to this earth and became enamored with the material things of the earth plane… even becoming a part of them and taking on that vibration.  Since the vibrations of the physical plane are different from those of the spiritual, as we took on bodies and became more involved with material things… we changed our vibrations… no longer attuned to the Spirit Frequency within us.  We separated ourselves from the awareness of the God Presence within.

And… we continue to reincarnate on earth to search for the Divine Nature we lost touch with so very long ago.

That is our purpose…. Most of us have lost touch with our Divine Nature or are only vaguely aware of our intimate relationship with Creator Energy.  Finding that divinity is our soul’s purpose. Accepting that we are gods is our journey on this earth.

Our Master Teacher over 2000 years ago pointed out to his Jewish friends that according to their own law, their God had said, “Ye are gods!”  They did not like that at all…. in fact, they tried to capture and stone him… It is difficult for most humans to accept who they truly are.

Our very basic purpose is to be one with Spirit… with God.  This can also be stated in many other ways, the search for God realization, for Cosmic Consciousness, for Oneness, for samadhi, or in the more common terminology of Christianity, the search for the Kingdom of God or for the Christ Consciousness.  The search may take many forms, but it’s the same goal no matter how you name it!

Through free will we separated ourselves from our Creator by putting other things first in our lives.  We find ourselves earth bound encased in physical bodies.  So why do we have to go through all this earthly walk if our spirit is perfect ?? Because we lost the awareness of our own divine nature.   It still exists, but we have very poor reception and communication with it… like a poorly tuned radio.  And we need to turn up the volume within. 

This earth walk is to bring us to the realization that we have a higher purpose than merely living life.  To become in tune with the higher frequency, we need to re-establish the connection with the Divine Energy within to help guide us.

When we begin to live in accord with this purpose we attune our vibration, our consciousness, to greater awareness of the God within.  As we get more in tune, our “reception” and communication with the Divine improves.  As we continue in raising our vibration, we find that our lives become more satisfying, more meaningful, more fulfilling, more worthwhile.

This is the basic purpose of the Universal Laws… to re-establish our awareness, our knowing, of the God Energy within. 

We learn our lessons in the earth plane through what happens to us as a result of what we think, say, do, or have done to our fellow humans or to ourselves.  These lessons are brought back to us through the operation of the Universal Laws and gradually bring us to the realization that there must be a better way.  Many of us are experiencing these thoughts now.

As you work with the Universal Laws, you are taking a major step in the understanding and fulfilling your basic purpose and living a life of joy and well-being while you are learning and evolving.  This is attunement to the higher frequency in the stages of development that you are in…and becoming more “god-like” is the essence of our purpose and the transformation we seek!