When we are not so busy taking care of “things”… When we have time to stop the inner chatter and just BE… we may ponder these things. In an abstract way and perhaps unconsciously, we spend our entire life seeking these answers. It is important to find answers to these questions… In Edgar Cayce’s readings Spirit said “… we must know from where we came: how, why: and where we go—and why.”

If we do not understand our own nature and our purpose for being… our lives hold only limited meaning for us and we find little true fulfillment. And, this knowledge is vital in our transformation into a high spiritual being… this understanding can help us fully understand why we need to change our consciousness and what kind of changes are right for us.

The answers to some of these questions at the deepest level lie buried deep in time far beyond our human conscious memory… Ancient records give hints at what may have been and there are new discoveries concerning ancient records. New tech tools are opening ancient secrets of humanity. Fortunately… through Edgar Cayce and other great channeled work, we have glimpses into universal knowledge… which is also known as the Akashic Record. These sources have given us a fascinating and astonishing chronicle of our origins and our heritage.

Through Cayce’s readings in relationship to Universal Law we are told that it does not matter what your God-concept is. And… actually, we cannot define God, for whenever we define something, we limit it. God is infinite, without limit, far beyond our human comprehension.

However, we can understand God to a certain degree by examining some of the attributes or characteristics of God. This is as we do in science when we don’t understand something.

So… Let us begin by considering the spiritual nature of God.

What is Spirit?…

From the Edgar Cayce readings…

“Spirit is FIRST CAUSE, the essence of Creative Power, the source of light, and the motivating influence of all life. It is God.”

The term First Cause means what it literally states, that the Spirit or Creator or Cosmic Consciousness, or on and on… was the very first cause of the creation of our universe and of us. Spirit is the source of light…

“What is light? That from which, through which, in which may be found all things, out of which all things come. Thus the first of everything that may be visible, in earth, in heaven, in space, is of that light—is that light!” {2533-8}

This is an all-inclusive statement, for it says that light {of which Spirit is the source} is responsible for all… everything! This even makes sense to the conscious mind.

We know from quantum physics that all mass or matter is energy, and we know light is a form of energy. It follows that since Spirit is the source of light it, too, is a form of energy. With that what we have really said is that all is a form of energy, of Spirit, of God. We also know from science that one of the ways energy can manifest is as a force. We often hear of Spiritual forces… the following from Cayce’s channeling indicates they are the fundamental forces of life:
“Spirit forces are the animation of all life-giving life-producing forces in animate or inanimate forces.” {900-17}

These few statements from Cayce’s source tie everything we can experience to Spirit or God. Energy is the common element… one which we recognize scientifically. Physicists have found that as they work with smaller and smaller particles… the Quantum Physical world… in the invisible world… (that is the meta physical world– beyond the physical world}… the laws by which particles act are no longer the same as in the physical material world we are so familiar with.

We are approaching the spiritual basis of everything… we are encountering spiritual rather than physical laws. Science may find the spiritual nature of life before the fundamental religious establishment comes to understand it.

You and I are just another aspect of that all-encompassing energy of Spirit! All manifestations of life in any plane of consciousness are crystallizations of Spirit. Think of a crystal and all the facets… we are facets of Spirit.

To answer the question… ”Where did I come from?” you and I came from that ONE UNIVERSAL SPIRIT… of which we are not only a part…but also an expression. We all are forms of the ONE SPIRIT!!

We find that we are a body, a mind, a soul. The body is self-evident. The mind also is somewhat understood. The soul or the spiritual portion is hoped to be understood. We can only understand it from a spiritual consciousness.

We are portions of God Energy… created in the very beginning of creation… the big bang??? You have a body… but… you are not your body… you are a soul. You are a spiritual being having a physical experience. The spirit self… being a part of the God Soul {all spirits are part of the God Soul} is the greatest of all creations.

The individual spirit self… me… you… we were created with some wonderful individual gifts unique to our creation. Understanding your gifts will help you understand and fully appreciate what you… this individual spirit… really is.

More Answers in the Universal Laws Part II next week.