We… as individuals…. have a responsibility to commit ourselves  to pursuing the freedom that was conceived and birthed by our founding fathers. There are other laws that are our responsibility to know and understand that have been in existence since the beginning of time.

Metaphysically, we work from within outward; as applied to the universe, in the upward trend of all things–the Universal Evolutionary Law.  From this we may understand that everything in the universe is governed by law.  These are not the laws of our founding fathers but of our Creator.  Without these laws there would be no evolution, just chaos.  Our universe is orderly and predictable.  There is cause and effect in action. 

We observe the working of the Universal Laws in the individual, because it is there that we bring home the lesson, and through intelligent use of the hints given, we apply it to ourselves… this is how we evolve mentally and emotionally.  Involution always precedes evolution. 

At this inner wisdom center, God/Creator proclaims the truth of our parentage.  In our conscious connection to the silence with this light within us, the bondage of the higher to the lower is made clear to us and the true way of release from lower energies is in motion.  We see the possibilities of humankind and the goodness of that release in our own lives.

One of our great teachers on our journey in evolution is the Biblical figure, Moses. He was charged by that inner connection to lead the people of Israel to their freedom from slavery and oppression.

He expressed meekness {doubts} and said… “Who am I, that I should bring forth the children of Israel out of Egypt??”… He had the assurance of God’s power within us:  “Certainly it will be with thee”… meaning with the help of the power within.

It is in this recognition of the power and presence of God Energy within that all strength and ability lie.  Another one of our great Master Teachers, Jesus, said, “I speak not from myself: but the Spirit abiding in me does these works”… 

Even today, when the teachings of our Master Teachers are studied, it is as if all that was taught and experienced in those stories/metaphors/history are forgotten about and we cover our hearts and minds from the truth.

When we are only guided by the ‘old laws’… the written laws of man… “they bring death…but the Spirit…the Spiritual Laws give life…”

As long as we need written rules and regulations to tell us how to live with each other, we will need enforcement, judgments, punishments, and war.  We talk about world peace and all being free… but this cannot be accomplished until we have inner peace and really and truly respect and love one another.

Our main purpose on the physical plane is to remember we are all part of the same ONE… and love one another.  The only separation between you and me is our egos.  Our consciousness is universal…  Knowing that truth… it would seem that living together and loving one another thus creating world peace would be simple… but we certainly have the proof that it isn’t simple for us.

Our ego…. the “I – Me”… is constantly giving us false messages of separation.  The ego’s greatest fear is that you’ll come to know Mother/Father God and it will be replaced by Christ Consciousness… the consciousness our Master Teachers realized.  The ego stops the connection to save it from extinction… E G O edging God out…

We will not be at peace or able to love our self, which would enable us to love one another…. as long as we allow our ego to rule.

People can be put right with Creation Energy and conquer the ego and live in peace.  A great metaphor for this is the story of Moses in the dessert. 

The Israelites were released from Egyptian slavery after many acts of Spiritual physical phenomena done through the teacher/medium Moses.  The Nile was turned to blood killing the Egyptians water and food supply, locust and bugs ruined their crops, the Red Sea was parted… all this to free these folks and give them a new life free to live as they pleased.

 The only expectation of them for this freedom was to live for and love the ONE truth… God.  They were told not to fear, God would take care of them.  Well… things just weren’t progressing to suit them.  They began grumbling and complaining, became quarrelsome with one another, fighting and bickering.  They blamed God and Moses for their hardships and what they thought they lacked. 

Even when their needs were fulfilled, it was never enough.  They constructed “false gods” to worship because they weren’t satisfied with the God who had freed them.  The laws in stone, The 10 Commandments were given to them for the laws on how to live…

That didn’t help.  Their ego-driven behavior continued… and they continued being lost and wandering in the desert.  This went on until the people finally began learning how to live with one another and loving the one truth, God.  They had spent 40 years of their lives lost in the dessert living ego centered lives instead of remembering their connection to God.

It turns out that they had been wondering around and around the same mountain all that time.  Not but a few of the original people who had started that journey made it to the “promised land”… This was a journey which should have taken only days…

It is no different for us… we keep on doing the same things, acting the same way and wondering why nothing ever changes…. 

The karmic wheel in motion…

Until we lose the ego, learn to love and forgive… become at peace with ourselves… we will remain unhappy and lost… wondering around that same old mountain….

It is our purpose as well as our responsibility to connect with God Consciousness within and live in peace.  When we become “at one” we enable others to find this peace and that will continue….

This will be the only way the collective will be at peace…together as one.  As history has shown, people in conflict will not make world peace.  That peace comes out from within us and is the connection to Creation Energy. 

That is our mission in our evolution….to remember who we are.

Now, we are being called to be at peace with ourselves.  The seed of truth is within each of us {it is our birthright} and we are to nurture and grow that seed and harvest the fruit of that labor.  Individual responsibility is the truth of Universal Laws.  The reward is peace.  Mind. Body. Spirit.

Happy Independence.

This is a process that takes place every day and is explained byQuantum Physics.  It’s called phase transition.  An atom is one of the small particles that make up everything.  Inside the atom there are even smaller particles.  One of these is called an electron. 

Say there are a million electrons in one atom. When an electron increases in vibration, it effects another electron to increase in vibration… this chain reaction continues and when 501 thousand electrons are vibrating at this higher vibration, the 499 thousand that are left propel to the higher vibration–the new frequency.  The entire atom manifests in the new higher frequency.

The point that propels the electrons to vibrate at this higher frequency is called the phase transition.  The inner force has activated the entire atom to the new frequency… the higher vibration.  Think of a pile of wood burning after it has been kindled… or water boiling. 

It appears to happen all at once.

As in the microcosm so in the macrocosm.  When enough of us has lost the ego and turned to Christ Consciousness… the higher vibration… we will raise the vibration of the whole and there will be a phase transition to a higher frequency.  there will be no need for the old laws… we will stop wondering around that same old mountain…and world peace will be actualized!!  Can you imagine???

Imagine there’s no heaven

It’s easy if you try

No hell below us

Above us only sky

Imagine all the people

Living for today…..

Imagine no possessions

I wonder if you can

No need for greed or hunger

A brotherhood of man

Imagine all the people

Sharing all the world…..

You may say I’m a dreamer

But I’m not the only one

I hope someday you’ll join us

And the world will live as one.