Edgar Cayce Readings [367-11]AR

“Man has ever…when in distress, either mental, spiritual or physical, sought to know his association, his connection, with the divine forces that brought the worlds into being.   As these are sought, so does the promise hold true of that given man from the beginning, “Will you be my children, I will be your God!”  “Your turn your face from me, my face is turned from you,” and those things you have builded in your own endeavor to make manifest your own powers bring those certain destructions in the lives of individuals in the present… Do not ignore those divine powers that are so tabu by the worldly-wise, that are looked upon as old men’s tales and women’s fables; yet in the strength of such forces do worlds come into being!”

The Universal Laws are laws that have been in effect since the beginning of time, are for every living creature, and are no respecters of people….this means everyone is included no matter who they are or how much money or power they have.  One of the Universal Laws is the law of choice.  This law leaves no doubt as to the importance of the decisions we make.  This law simply is:  LIFE IS THE EXPERIENCE OF YOUR CHOICES.

By the choices we make throughout our day, we create our life.  Now, this is both similar to and different from the karmic laws by which we create our destiny.  It is similar because all laws are creative as we use them…. Through all laws we create our destiny.  However, it is different because we now, at this point of our knowledge of the Universal Laws, view the laws from a higher perspective and we understand that our inner wisdom, or our higher self, shows us the perfect pattern or if it is a lesser one.

Behind each choice presented to us is this basic question:  Will I do it the way I have chosen in the past or will I choose a higher way….from the higher frequency…that God Energy within.  This is the crucial decision to make if we are truly working at transforming our lives.  This is the choice that we can make today and each day for each event and each experience.  Make no mistake….The question will come in many ways and many guises….but the choice is always the same.

The law of choice tells us that if we wish to change our lives, we must change our choices.  But…in one sense, we have no choice for we always choose from the level of consciousness that we hold at the time of our choice.  We choose from the same frequency we are at.  If our level or frequency has not changed since the last time we made that choice, there will be no change in the result.                     

If we want to choose a higher, better way, we must prepare ourselves by working to raise our consciousness from the present lesser patterns or frequency to the perfect patterns or frequencies in accord with our inner guidance.  That is our real choice—to choose to change our consciousness.  To change our consciousness is the purpose for choosing the path of Universal Law…. That is what the laws are all about!  The Universal Laws are laws of consciousness; they are the keys to changing consciousness.

The “master key to changing our consciousness is this!!–  THE MASTER LAW OF ATTUNEMENT…. 


This statement contains the solution to all our problems as well as the entire world’s problems.  Notice first that the solution is up to us…. If we choose to turn to the Creator Energy… attune ourselves to the source of life, then this Energy will be our source of all—all power, all knowledge, all wisdom, all good, and all abundance ….because that is it’s nature.  That is what this Energy is. This is the only safe and sane power to depend upon and that law is the key to our relationship to the mystic….to the Divine. If we choose to ignore this Energy….If we choose to depend on ourselves—our will and our ideas– or to try to manipulate or control others or the world…or we put our faith in what is going on around us…that will be all we have in our lives….

If we put our faith and trust in the God Energy…the Creative Force, we, as a co-worker with that Force, we will be taken care of – problems and all—no matter what the conditions around us may be.  It really is that simple.  As you put spirit first, you will be cared for.  If you do not put this Energy first…you are on your own.  And…that is ok. It is your choice. 

The question is whether we are willing to rely on that Divine Energy within us…. Or would we rather try to gain, develop, acquire, or use our power to influence others who seem to have the power and become aligned with their energy?  There is a big difference between these two understandings of where the power is…..

This law of choice challenges us to make the ultimate decision of our lives—the life changing choice of the higher frequency of Creator Energy or the lower frequencies of life.  This is what is meant by “Will you be my people?”…. Will you be what you really are—the Energy of God?  Are you willing to accept yourselves as this Energy…. It is our truth.

If you choose not to decide… that’s ok.  This is the norm.  This is why life is the way it is for the most part. As we vacillate between the higher and lower frequencies….Our life will too.  The opportunity to choose will come again and again and again!

If you do choose to accept this relationship with Creator Energy, it is bound to that relationship by law and becomes your Source and supply for as long as you decide to maintain and live in accord with that consciousness.  The choice will always be yours!!

If you choose the higher frequencies, the only requirement is that you attune yourself to the Spirit of God Energy instead of to the illusory spirit of the world.  With that requirement goes a guarantee that states you have an infinite supply of all that you need: {from the Cayce Readings}


So what does “I will be your God” mean?  The law of supply answers that question, “I will be your God means Spirit… God Energy….will provide everything you need—whether the need is spiritual, mental, or physical.  The requirement is that we seek first, …that we make this search the first priority in our lives.  This is not just an arbitrary requirement.  It is a recognition that the law of manifestation—“spirit is the life, mind is the builder, physical is the result”—gives fulfillment only when we attune ourselves to the Spirit …the Higher Frequency within us because it is the source of all we need.

And you seek this Energy just as you seek a station on your radio or television set….you tune in to its frequency {vibration}.  We receive what we are attuned to; “like begets like.”  Life—God—in its essence is vibration, and we are too.  In the body, sight, hearing, taste, and speech are simply different vibrations to which we consciously attune and so become aware of them.  We can also learn to attune to the vibrations which are the essence of the God force with us.

As we attune to this Energy…we establish a relationship with It.  What kind of relationship this will be depends entirely upon us:  “Know that the Creative Energy called God may be as personal as an individual will allow same to be for the spirit is in the image of the Creative Forces and seeks manifestation.”   Edgar Cayce Readings [391-4]

And seeks that manifestation in and though us!

We are IT!  Choose to KNOW this.