Most persons would want to meditate if they understood how to do so. The purpose of meditation is to know God, to connect with the little joy of the soul with the vast joy of the Spirit.

Meditation is not the same as concentration. Concentration consists in freeing the attention from objects of distraction and focusing it on one thing at a time. Meditation is that special form of concentration in which the attention has been liberated from the restlessness and is focused on God. A man may concentrate on the thought of Divinity or of money; but he may not meditate on money or on any other material thing. Meditation is focused only on thoughts of God and his holy prophets.

Meditation consists in certain physical, psychological, and metaphysical processes by which the “static” of restlessness may be removed from man’s mental “radio,” which may then be tuned in with the Infinite.

All forms of meditation involve the one who meditates, the process of meditation, and the Object of meditation. The aim is to attain a consciousness of spirit by calm, continuous, one pointed attention, until the soul is merged in everlasting bliss. The meditator should therefore know a definite method of meditation and should choose a definite spiritual thought or experience on which to meditate.

To Begin a Meditation

Lock the eyelid doors and shut out the wild dance of tempting scenes. Drop your mind into the bottomless well of your heart. Hold the mind on your heart that is bubbling with Life- giving blood. Keep your attention tied to the heart, until you feel its rhythmic beat. With every heartbeat, feel the pulse of almighty Life. Picture the same, all-pervading Life knocking at the heart-door of millions of human beings and of billions of other creatures. The heart-throb constantly, meekly announces the presence of Infinite Power behind the doors of your awareness. The gentle beat of all pervading Life says to you silently, “Do not receive only a little flow of My life., but expand the opening of thy feeling-powers. Let Me flood thy blood, body, mind, feelings, and soul with My throbs of universal life.”

To Awaken Mental Freedom

Sit still with a straight spine. Cover up your fidgety eyeballs with the sheets of your eyelids. Hold them still. Then loosen your mind from the consciousness of body weight. Relax the nerve-strings that are attached to the heavy muscles and bones of your body. Forget the consciousness of carrying a heavy bundle of bones tied in the thick cloth of flesh. Rest.  Free your mind from the consciousness of a beast of burden. Do not think of your body- load, but fill your soul untied from the constant material quality of heaviness.

Mentally race in your fancy’s airplane above, beneath, left, right, in Infinity, or wherever you want to go. Feel and meditate on this, your mental freedom from your body. Dream, dwell, and feel this body-aboveness when sitting still;  the consciousness of freedom will constantly increase.

From “Metaphysical Meditations”  by Paramahansa Yogananda