As most of you know, reincarnation is the belief that souls are born time and time again, each time in a different body in order to learn valuable lessons for spiritual growth. A past life regression is a way to tap into the subconscious mind in order to retrieve memories of past lives.

On Sunday in The After Session at 1:15 I am going to facilitate a past life group regression session with the intention of linking some event in a past lifetime that has affected you in this life time.   We will also focus on how using or misuse of the Universal Laws has influenced your life from one lifetime to another….. and still is.

There is so much to be gained from understanding how a past life has influenced your life today.  From this vantage point, how to proceed in this lifetime becomes clearer…

I believe if we understood from our early years that we are a composite of all our lifetimes and we deal with what we have learned or not learned from other lifetimes in this incarnation, we could clearly SEE what needs to be corrected or amended now and move on.                                                          

What Happens During A Past Life Regression?    

Initially, the goal is to place a person in a totally relaxed trance like state or under hypnosis. This would mean sitting or lying in a comfortable position and then beginning to take some deep, relaxing breaths.  A body relaxation exercise begins the process of preparing you physically to go into theta level consciousness.  After the body is relaxed a chakra balancing and energizing exercise to balance and energize you metaphysically is done.

We will then begin a guided, visualization process in which the person{s} will be instructed to picture a particular scene in their mind. This could involve descending a set of stairs, with each step allowing the individual to become more and more relaxed. This is a deeper place “within” where you feel safe to allow all the memories of all your lifetimes to be seen with your third eye.  Theta Level Consciousness.  The filters are removed.                                                                

Once the person{s} begins to explore a past life some questions will be asked to help determine what sex a person was, where the individual lived, the type of clothing they wore, what they did for a living, and what their family was like. Some people are able to recall memories quite easily, while others may only remember a small amount of information.  It all carries a story.

Benefits Of Recalling Past Lives  

Outside of curiosity or looking for proof that reincarnation exists and life truly is eternal, there are some true benefits that can come from past life regression. For example, some people have deep fears or phobias without any apparent cause. Exploring a past life can reveal the reason for those fears. Perhaps a person has a fear of water even though they’ve never had any bad experiences associated with water.

During a past life regression that person could recall drowning in a past life. Although that memory isn’t in the conscious mind, it still exists in the subconscious mind and the fear of drowning bleeds over into the conscious mind. Once the individual is able to get to the root of the fear and understand it, the fear goes away in many cases.   

Recalling past lives can also help a person have a better understanding of particular relationships within a current lifetime. It is believed that certain groups of souls incarnate together over different lifetimes. While in this lifetime it may make no sense why a person is so against a certain family member, particularly because that family member has never done anything malicious to that individual, during a past life regression, that person might recall knowing the family member in the past whereas the family member was cruel or abusive to the individual.

In The After Session Workshop, In the past life regression, I will focus on the Universal/Natural Law at the root of the event/situation or relationship…. Why you are encountering this lesson again, and what you can do to change your life…