After Session Workshop Messages from the Major Arcana




September 24th – 1:10pm EST

Join Rev. Joe Geores for his Workshop after his free presentation on the Major Arcana.

He will give short card readings for each participant as well as continue with the lessons and knowledge about the Tarot focusing on the Major Arcana.

Joe is a gifted medium who brings an eclectic background to the spiritual path. He has been studying, working with and teaching tarot for over 3 decades. His tarot readings, as well as his work with pendulums, Reiki and trance mediumship, help him provide insight and guidance for his clients, whether in person, online or by phone.

Joe grew up in central New Jersey with a grounding in Christianity, but was also encouraged to follow his own truth from an early age. Defining and following that truth became a journey through world religions, world cultures and the metaphysical path. It has also involved sojourns into the worlds of the arts and entertainment, hospitality, and the culinary arts.

Now based in Cape May County, New Jersey, Joe continues to work with those seeking support and guidance on their spiritual journey. To contact Joe email him at