After Session Workshop: Tarot Messages for the New Year! with Joe Geores




January 14th – 1:10pm EST

Take your Tarot journey to the next level with an exclusive After-Session Workshop led by Joe Geores, renowned Tarot reader and teacher.

In this special workshop, Joe will delve into the art of crafting Tarot messages specifically tailored for the upcoming New Year. This session is designed to provide participants with personalized insights, guidance, and a profound understanding of how Tarot can illuminate the path ahead.

Workshop Highlights:

Setting the New Year’s Energy:

  • Explore the energetic themes associated with the upcoming year.
  • Discuss how Tarot can be used as a tool for tapping into the collective energy.
  • Set the intention for the workshop and individual readings.

Addressing Participant Questions:

  • Provide an opportunity for participants to ask specific questions about their New Year readings.
  • Receive personalized guidance and insights from Joe.
  • Foster a supportive and collaborative learning environment.

Closing Reflection and Integration:

  • Reflect on the collective energy and insights gained during the workshop.
  • Discuss strategies for integrating the workshop teachings into ongoing Tarot practice.
  • Receive final words of wisdom and encouragement from Joe.

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to kickstart the New Year with Tarot wisdom and personalized insights. Join Joe Geores in this intimate After-Session Workshop to navigate the energies of the upcoming year with confidence, clarity, and a renewed connection to the profound teachings of Tarot.