Healing the Animals While Healing Ourselves – with Debbie Carole, Animal Communicator and Healer




May 7th – 1:10pm EST

In this one-hour workshop, we will explore in more detail how our animals’ well-being relates to our lives. I will share some insight from my experience with animal communication, including how we can help to prevent them from taking on “our issues.” I will provide some energetic-based tools for you to apply anytime, anywhere to aid you in assisting all animals, including:

– to help block some of your negative thoughts from affecting your pet,
– to support “clearing” harmful components of the food animals consume,
– and a special gift to you from the powerful energy of dolphins.

Attendees do not need to have any animal communication or healing experience, and the workshop can be beneficial to current pet guardians and any Spiritual Activist who knows an animal, domestic or wild, and feels called to serve our nature and animal kingdom.

I look forward to sharing these gifts with you and the animals!

Debbie Carole is a certified Animal Communicator and Healer. A lifelong animal lover, she leverages her engineering background with animal communication/healing training to provide a systemic approach for pet lovers to understand and assist their pets in achieving a healthy, happy life.

Instagram: @debecarole