Journey to Your Guides, Teachers and/or Angels




May 28th – 1:10pm EST

What experiences are shaping your destiny now?  Is there a way to UNLOCK the deep connection between you and those Entities of the higher frequencies who actively work with and help you?

Details of every event, thought or emotion you’ve ever experienced in your current lifetime, your past lifetimes, and the time between lifetimes — are ALL stored in your subconscious and are available to you!  All the knowledge of all your journeys in all your incarnations is available to you.  All the answers are already yours.   HOW?

Through the conscious connection to your Higher Self.

In this connection, you come in contact with Certain Energies who are attracted to you for the purpose of helping and guiding you through this lifetime.  The conscious connection to the Guides, Master Teachers, and the Angels is through our Higher Self.

In this event we will make that connection with our Higher Self and visit with these higher frequency beings.  This is done in a light trance/hypnotic state.

Please join us on this gentle and safe guided event to the higher realms for a personal conversation with those who guide and direct us on our way.

with Rev. Sally Knuckles, CHT

$20 prepaid