Post Eclipse Shifts Workshop with Rev. Diane Riis




April 14th – 1:10pm EST

This is an important week. If you made decisions or received insights during the eclipse; if you looked for insights, shadows, and signs you normally cannot see, then now is the time to build on the choices you made and the clues you received.

(There is still time to harness the eclipse power, so don’t feel like you missed it!)

The way you choose to live and the events that show up in the coming week will set your course until the next lunar eclipse in September.

Crystals, color, candle magic, pendulum inquiry, oracle and Tarot cards can help you understand the coming signs and symbols and smooth your path to what is Divinely yours for the asking.

The eclipse was a shift in consciousness. Now you can use that momentum to follow through on choices, see the signposts leading toward healing and even joy.

What do you want to bloom this spring? What is passing away? What must you release and what shadows are coming into consciousness for you?

Bring your courage and openness to this session and you will align to the forces of the eclipse energy.


Beginning with an oracle or Tarot card reading for each participant we will set our prescriptions for your own individual use of color, candles, crystals and other magical and elemental objects to ground you and build a strong foundation for the resolutions and insights the eclipse presented.

If you didn’t perceive a shift during the eclipse, it’s not too late. The energy pervades our collective unconscious and as you explore your own signs and symbols using the pendulum and elements of nature and magic you can harness the power for change, growth, healing and freedom from what binds you.

Rev. Diane is the owner of Earth and Soul Women, Inc. which uses teaching, coaching, writing, tapping, earth-based and ritual practices to help women get in touch with their life purpose, their joy and connection to Spirit.
You are called to a rich, full life. You are capable of creativity, insight, intuition, freedom from unnecessary suffering. You have the tools: dreams, intentions, signs and synchronicities to take you home.

Diane is an award winning author and writer’s coach.

This May join her for a memoir-writing course to help you heal and get perspective on your life.

UPCOMING: YOUR LIFE JOURNEY: A Story of Healing and Hope.

The story you tell about yourself creates your reality. Stories can keep you stuck or set you free.
This course will help you meet yourself on the page.
You will experience liberation and wisdom in the creative and intuitive process of Earth and Soul Writing.
You will find the magic in of writing as it employs all the tools at your disposal: neurological, spiritual, emotional, imaginative and intentional.

4 Weeks in May: $179.00