Navigate turbulent times with joy, gratitude,and love with Mary Catherine Volk




February 11th – 1:10pm EST

Embark on a empowering  journey of self discovery. This transformative experience is a sacred space where participants explore the profound intersection of spirituality and personal empowerment. Through a guided group meditation attendees will discover the transformative power of joy, gratitude, and love and how to use them to anchor you in the amidst of life’s storms.
Delving into an ancient wisdom to harness the strength of the present moment, and learn to radiate positive energy out to the world even in challenging times.
A group guided meditation to meet the Angelic LIGHT Beings who are holding the Light for the world. Working with them to hold and anchor the light as we beam it out to the world.
This workshop invites you to embrace a path of spiritual empowerment, fostering resilience and illuminating the profound beauty that exists within and around you. Join us as we provide a sanctuary for the soul to flourish amidst life‘s unpredictable currents.
       Objectives of workshop:

1. **Cultivate Resilience:** Develop the ability to navigate challenging situations with resilience, drawing on the transformative power of joy, gratitude, and love to overcome obstacles.
2. **Mindfulness Practices:** Acquire practical meditation techniques to stay present and centered, fostering a deeper connection with spiritual light workers working to hold the Light and send it around the globe.
3. **Joyful Living:** Learn strategies to infuse joy into daily life, discovering how to find moments of happiness even in the midst of uncertainty.
4. **Gratitude as a Practice:** Understand and integrate gratitude as a daily practice, exploring its profound impact on mental and emotional states, and fostering a positive outlook.
5. **Love as a Source of Strength:** Explore the transformative nature of love, both self-love and compassion for others, as a source of strength during turbulent times.
6. **Inner Wisdom Activation:** Develop the ability to tap into your inner wisdom, facilitating decision-making and navigating challenges with a grounded and empowered mindset.
7. Integration into Daily Life:** Receive guidance on integrating the principles of joy, gratitude, and love into everyday practices, ensuring sustained personal growth beyond the workshop.
8. **Release of Emotional Baggage:** Discussion of varies clearing techniques to identify, process, and release stored emotional trauma, experiencing a profound sense of liberation and lightness.
9. *Holistic Well-Being:** Embrace a holistic approach to well-being, understanding the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit, and how it contributes to navigating life’s challenges with a sense of joy, gratitude, and love.
$35 prepaid