Safety, Protection and Blessing with Rev. Diane Riis




January 21st – 1:10pm EST

1.5 hours, $25.00
You can let go of the bonds of the past. You can feel safe, protected and blessed with abundance, love, forgiveness and joy. You can release the past and welcome a new way of being. Healing is the best magic you can employ, and remembering your sacred self is the catalyst for everything you desire.
As a child you were vulnerable to the energies, choices and influence of others and of the world around you.
You had no filter, no way to make sense of your surroundings or what happened to you. The ordinary misunderstandings, the hurts that are common as well as the deep trauma some of us suffered can determine the outcomes of our adult lives. No matter how much we study metaphysics or work the law of attraction, healing has to come first. It is like preparing the soil for the blooms to come.
Sometimes we search high and low for the answers but they are usually hiding in plain sight.
In this workshop you will learn and practice techniques for healing and letting go of the past. You can use the power of nature, intuition, and the sacred energies of the Divine to heal.
This program does not substitute for professional medical or psychological attention. Always consult your health care provider if you have concerns about your mental or physical well being.
$25 prepaid