The After Session: Past Life Regression Workshop with Rev. Sally Knuckles




April 28th – 1:10pm EST

The After Session Workshop on April 28th will be a Group Past Life Regression focusing on how using or misuse of the Universal Laws has influenced your life from one lifetime to another…..

There is so much to be gained from understanding how a past life has influenced your life today.  From this vantage point, how to proceed in this lifetime becomes clearer….

I believe if we understood from our early years that we are a composite of all our lifetimes and we deal with what we have learned or not learned from other lifetimes in this incarnation, we could clearly SEE what needs to be corrected or amended now and move on.

There is a way to UNLOCK the Secrets from your Past Lives!  The details of events, thoughts or emotions you’ve ever experienced in your current lifetime, your past lifetimes, and the time between lifetime — are ALL stored in your subconscious and are available to you!  As eternal souls, we know that we experience many lives on Earth as a means of learning the lessons we have set out for ourselves.

Please join us for a GROUP PAST LIFE REGRESSION during which you will have an opportunity to see, sense, and/or feel your past life in a light trance/hypnotic state.  The group will be taken on a journey to a past life time karmic event that is important for you to “look at” in this lifetime. 

You will journey to a view of life that will give you insights on what the karmic experience was that motivates or restricts you in this life.  You will also journey to the Spirit World to see if any information will be communicated to you.  Through this experience you may learn much about yourself and use this knowledge effectively in your current life. 

Please bring a notebook to record your journey!  Discussion follows the regression session.  Truly a journey of self discovery!