The After Session Workshop: Using the Chakras to Heal Your Life with Rev. Sally Knuckles, CHT




September 3rd – 1:10pm EST

The ability for each chakra to handle our life force effectively has to do with our programing.

This workshop will begin with a look at where we are experiencing imbalance and blockage and explore the energy behind these impairments and how to reprogram the chakra in charge.

You will see how the workings of the Chakra System affect your everyday life and what you can do to help yourself to keep in balance.

The session will end with a Chakra Energy Balancing and Charging exercise.

Join us to get your chakras back in working order!!

Reverend Sally is a Past Life Therapist, Hypnosis for Behavior Modification, Medium/Clairvoyant, Spiritual Coach and Metaphysical Counselor. She is an ordained minister and is known for her work in Mediumship, Universal Laws, and Quantum Metaphysics.

She started and facilitated metaphysical groups in West Virginia, the East Coast, and in Northern Virginia.  She was the senior pastor of the Arlington metaphysical Chapel in Arlington VA.

Reverend Knuckles has been a Hospice volunteer for many years. She is available for readings, counseling, and coaching. Her work in hypnosis and past life therapy is well known. She is available for past life regressions and behavior modification hypnosis, she is also available for lecturing and meditations

Methods of payment:

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$20.00 per person