The After Session Workshop with Debbie Carole, Animal Communicator and Healer




September 10th – 1:10pm EST

The workshop aims to return an animal’s unconditional love by helping them live their best life. In the workshop, we take the general session topics deeper, including live exercises.

  • I will teach you some tools and techniques to assist you in engaging with the animals and address any issues they may be experiencing.
  • I will introduce telepathic animal communication, where each attendee will connect with an animal of their choosing (a pet or another animal).
  • We will get to work and address specific issues, such as prior traumas, environmental issues, and family dynamics that may affect your animal.
  • Each workshop attendee will receive at least one message from your animal.

What potentials lie bare for you or a loved one to enhance your pet’s life and relationship with them?

Attendees do not need to have any animal communication or healing experience, and the workshop can be beneficial to current pet parents and  Spiritual Activists who know an animal, domestic or wild, and feel called to serve our nature and animal kingdom.

I look forward to engaging with you as we return unconditional love to the animals!

$20.00 per person