The After Session Workshop with Rev. Sally Knuckles




March 31st – 1:10pm EST

In this workshop we will go deeper into the purpose and reasons for these laws and how to take control of your life and live the life of your dreams. You are the captain of your ship!!

Understanding the Purpose of Life
• Discuss the concept of incarnation and the purpose of experiencing life
• Emphasize the importance of learning from life lessons

The Earth Plane and Life Lessons
• Explore the significance of the Earth plane as a realm for learning and growth
• Discuss how life lessons manifest through experiences and circumstances

The Quest for Enlightenment
• Define enlightenment as the mastery of life lessons
• Discuss how the pursuit of enlightenment aligns with the soul’s journey

Working with the Laws
• Provide practical tips on how to work with the Universal Laws
• Discuss techniques for applying the laws in daily life

Making the Laws Work for You
• Offer guidance on how to align with the Universal Laws to create harmony and peace in life
• Discuss the importance of intention, belief, and action in utilizing the laws effectively

Question and Discussion Session
• Participants ask questions and share their insights
• Facilitate an open discussion on the workshop topics

• Summarize key points from the workshop
• Encourage ongoing exploration and application of the Universal Laws
This structure allows for an engaging and informative workshop that covers the fundamental concepts of Universal Laws while providing practical guidance for applying them in everyday life.