Wealth, Abundance and Your “Divine Right” with Rev Diane Riis




June 11th – 1:10pm EST

If you’ve been stuck with a poverty consciousness or in a life of lack, consider the lilies, as Jesus said. Come and develop a radical trust in the goodness, abundance and possibility of this glorious universe we inhabit. You will learn disciplines of mind and action to gently change your thinking and turn you in a direction of hope, allowing, receiving and abundance. If you think “I’m not a good mainfester,” you’re going about it all wrong. This session will introduce the ideas of allowing and receiving in a whole new way. You will have practices that will challenge your old ways of thinking and support to see yourself as abundant and your life as bountiful.

$25.00 per person

Rev. Dr. Diane Riis is the owner of Earth and Soul Women which incorporates teaching, coaching, writing, earth-practices and ritual craft to help people get in touch with their true nature. The goal is joy, connection with Spirit and Earth and the ancient, magical call to creativity that we all hear (and usually ignore). She is the author of Shit: How a Four Letter Word Can Change Your Life (Transforming Your Story from Inside Out,) and Midnight Pages: A Mystical Workbook for Writers, Night Owls and Insomniacs. Find her at https://www.BellyWitch.com.