There is a subtle quiet and persuasive revolution of sorts in progress all over the world right now. It’s happening in homes, schools, offices and even in churches with the help of computers game systems and electronic devices of all kinds.

What is remarkable about this revolution is most of the people involved in it aren’t even aware of it and they are conscious participants without being conscious of participating.

I will try to increase your awareness of the revolution by relating it to some of the practices of shamanism. Shamanism is a general term for using the powers of the mind and the forces of nature to increase knowledge and influence material reality.  Some of the things I’ll write about are practiced by people who would not think of what they do as shamanic, but by using shamanism as a basis hopefully makes this a bit clearer.

Let’s look at} telepathy, usually defined as mind-to-mind communication with someone or something in the absence of physical contact. Modern science still debates its existence but virtually any group of three or more people willing to talk about it will exchange personal experiences with telepathy and share whether with another person, an animal, or something else. Every culture in the world has stories of telepathy experiences as part of its folk lore.  Scientists tend to dismiss these accounts as being anecdotal, meaning based on personal experience rather than research… but personal experience of telepathy is as real as personal experience of love.  Research will not make it more real.

Let delve a bit deeper into telepathy which is the experience of knowing the thoughts and/or feelings of something or someone at a distance without a physical connection.  In many shamanic cultures this is accomplished on purpose with the help of tools like crystals, pendulums, and patterns formed by symbols of different sorts like tarot cards, I Ching coins, or even the knuckle bones of sheep. In modern times the same thing is being accomplished with the help of radio, television, computers, and cell phones.

Some people may argue that it’s not the same thing…. Those things are not physical!  Well, crystals, pendulums, and symbolic patterns are physical, too.   And again, the argument might be radio and television waves, electronic fields, and microwaves are also physical, and they can be measured.  So, the truth is those waves and fields are no more physical than what we might call telepathic waves and fields.

And more truth is radio and television waves, electronic electromagnetic fields, and microwaves cannot be measured directly. The only measurements that can be made in relation to them are measures of the physical effects they produce on the devices designed to respond to them. The waves and fields themselves are as non-physical as anything can be.  And, what actually happens when you listen to a radio program is that someone speaks into a microphone.  

Something in the mike vibrates in response to the sound wave pattern, and this vibration generates a non-physical electrical signal that somehow retains duplicates of the original voice patterns.  More physical equipment processes the signal and converts it into non-physical radio waves of a certain measured frequency that also somehow retains duplicates of the original voice patterns.  These waves are broadcast from the station in, apparently, a 360-degree, three-dimensional ripple. The antenna of your radio, attuned to that particular frequency, converts the radio wave to an electrical signal that eventually stimulates the vibration of a membrane of some type that generates sound waves carrying duplicates of the original voice patterns to your ears.  Pretty amazing stuff and it happens every day.

The brain can be considered as an organic device designed to respond to telepathic waves and fields, which would include the conscious awareness of thoughts and emotions from others without the use of eyes or ears or mouths or gestures.  Just as a radio cannot pick up a station it isn’t tuned to, so a brain does not pick up thoughts and feelings it isn’t tuned to either.  A thought or feeling is broadcast out in all directions from someone or something maybe using a brain and maybe not. Accepting your brain is tuned to that particular telepathic frequency, something in you picks up the signal and converts it into electrical impulses retaining some degree of duplication of the original source pattern and these go to various parts of your brain, depending on the content of the pattern, where, again depending on the content, you end up with some kind of sensory, emotional, or kinesthetic awareness accompanied by measurable chemical and physical changes in your body.

Because most humans are not used to tuning their brains to telepathic input there can be a lot of distortion in the final interpretation of the signal. That’s why we use physical tools like crystals, pendulums, and symbolic patterns can be used in keeping the reception closer to the original pattern, by converting the input into visual and kinesthetic output.  I believe we have a way to go to develop more accurate physical devices for receiving telepathic messages or Spirit messages…. Early radio did not have the greatest reception…it evolved.

It is my belief that the electronic devices we now use to transmit thoughts and feelings are not leading us away from the development of our natural telepathic abilities but are instead serving to gently train us in those abilities, especially as they become smaller, more efficient, more powerful, and more accurate.  These tools (electronic devices) are helping to create a subconscious expectation of how easy it is to communicate with someone halfway around the globe and so much so that fewer and fewer words are becoming necessary to communicate our very thoughts and feelings.  I wonder about the emotions that a simple thought can evoke both negative and positive or a few letters like AOS can if you are a child {AOS = Adult Over Shoulder}.  And then, in that same line of wondering, I think about the five second clips used in advertising or the quick feeds of social media.  Often, I have said the attention span of kids is getting shorter and shorter and I thought that was a negative development.  The truth is people still watch much longer segments in normal programming and now I am thinking it actually increases kids’ ability to get more information from less input.  A process of evolution.

Another evolutionary technique I’m observing now is what at one time would have been an overwhelming amount of information given at one time to feed the public.  I’m speaking of the practice of many television news programs, especially those devoted to financial news, presenting multiple simultaneous inputs of information.   The news station will have one or more people speaking as two lines of type run at the top of the screen giving current market results for stocks and commodities, while two lines of type at the bottom, one moving faster than the other, give quotes of various types of stocks, and another small screen above those two displays information or news that may or not be related to what the speakers are saying. Since our brain is constantly receiving far more information than we are usually consciously aware of this may be helping us to prepare for paying more attention to telepathic input that we would usually ignore.  More evolution. 

So, what are your tools teaching you?  How are your telepathic skills evolving?