Just when I feel I have soul retrieval almost fully understood, I run into a new twist, such as the revelations of Dr. Millett. 

Dr. Millett tells us that parts of your soul can “split off” or “fragment” and go to other realms so that your physical body can survive a trauma or loss. With a fragment of your soul gone, you can suffer a physical, psychological, or spiritual loss of power.

The idea of Soul Retrieval is to make contact with a lost fragment and reintroduce it to your soul so your totality can heal and thrive. According to Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D., Shamen see these lost soul parts as beings that we can engage . . . and speak to . . . and heal . . . and rescue.

Soul loss can occur as a result of trauma. When a child is abused or traumatized, a fragment of the child’s soul breaks off and returns to the archetypical domain of the Great Mother for protection her real mother cannot provide. Adult sexual assault can also generate soul loss. Even a bitter divorce can cause this loss according to some therapists. A surgery or an auto accident can also be a cause. Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome may simply be soul loss.

Jill Kuykendall, RPT, says, “Soul loss is a life-coping mechanism in which the dissociated soul parts leave, carrying the burden of the pain, shock, or extreme emotion, or the memory of the trauma, which may be simply unbearable to the sufferer at the time it occurs.

 “Symptoms of soul loss frequently manifest as feelings of being fragmented, of not being all there; blocked memory or not being able to remember parts of one’s life; a sudden onset of apathy or listlessness, or a lack of joy in life; the inability to feel love for others or receive love from another, often resulting in the sense of being emotionally flat-lined. The loss of these parts of the self manifests frequently as despair, as suicidal tendencies and/or addictions, or most often–depression.”

Those experiencing soul loss may sleep a lot or feel that they’re “not all there.”

But each fragment always maintains a connection with the soul via a thread–a fiber of the silver cord that attaches your soul to your body. Because this connection exists, it makes retrieval possible.

Dr. Michael G. Millett adds another dimension to this concept: He claims soul fragments, if not retrieved, can continue to be connected to each other by the silver threads, even after the physical death of the soul they originally shared.

“A fragment can separate and follow the person like a balloon on a string,” says Millett. “It can remain in some distant location or structure, it can also attach to another living person. A fragment of the mind of a living person can be attached to one or more other living persons. The condition of fragmentation is not healed by death of the fragmented person. The newly deceased spirit, the discarnate entity, is also fragmented. This fragmented entity can then attach to still another living person. Thus a discarnate entity can be attached to two or more living individuals.

 “Another aspect of this situation provides an interesting twist to the classic condition of spirit possession in which a living person is considered to be influenced by the spirit of a deceased person. If the living mind fragment remains connected to the spirit of the newly deceased person, then a deceased spirit is being possessed by the mind of a living person.”

And if this doesn’t complicate the understanding, “the traumatic incident which originally caused fragmentation might be located in another space, time or lifetime,” according to Millett. He also claims fragments can literally be “floating free” although the soul-loss incident occurred in another era.

Thus, a child could be born with a condition in which a free-floating fragment, prior to birth, attaches and becomes an influence to a child. For those of us accepting karma as the basis of reality, this would have to be a karmic situation.

Or, in theory, one of these fragments could attach to an adult who is causing holes to appear in their aura through excessive anger, hatred, or use of alcohol or drugs. 

I’m not too sure how I feel about Dr. Millett’s work.  I can imagine the reality of what he is putting forth.  I do know that each of our lives affects the life we are currently living on the earth plane in this incarnation.  Soul Retrieval helps unify and heal the missing fragments in our existence. It is very complicated at this point of our evolution. 

The work in Soul Retrieval is amazing and paradigm shifting when the realizations/revelations you experience help you to heal. 

Remember, any healing helps not only you and your family and ancestors, you also heal others.  The higher frequency you admit affects those you come in contact with. This is how we heal the world.

When we do this kind of healing, our transition is not in confusion or fragmented. We, as spirit, continue the journey free to evolve and move on.

I look forward to doing a Soul Retrieval Group Session on a Sunday soon!