We are in the church liturgical season of Advent.

Advent is the season of four Sundays…. it opens or begins the church year.  The season begins on the Sunday closest to St. Andrew’s Day which is November 30th.  This day is to celebrate St. Andrew who was one of the disciples and brother of Simon Peter…they were both roommates with Jesus.  The celebration of Advent follows this celebration….and prepares us for the seasons to come. 

The observance of Advent originated in France during the 4th century.  The duration of the season varied from 4 to 7 weeks…until the Bishop of Rome in the 6th century set the season at 4 weeks.

In ancient times Advent was strictly observed:  every Christian was required to attend church services and fast daily.

The word Advent consists of two Latin words: as  —  venire ….  which translates   “to come to or coming.” 

Advent’s message or promise, is that God in Christ {Consciousness} is coming to the world. We are waiting for that mass christed consciousness to be realized.

Advent… through the various and numerous Bible Scriptures… promises the sure coming of the Lord {christ consciousness}! “Clear the way through the wilderness for the Lord!”

Coming of the Lord… what does that mean???  the Lord???  It is He or She … or THAT…. which Reigns.   

Clear the way for that which will reign!!

Make ready to recognize the voice of God…it has arrived!!!

We hear it within!!  {That still small voice}.

Advent is expressed in color…usually violet… which most often depicts a feeling of quiet dignity, royalty and repentance.  Violet was the traditional color of a king’s robe. We also know that violet is the color of the 7th ray…

Just as a ray of sunlight passing through a prism is refracted into the seven colors of the rainbow, so spiritual light manifests as seven rays. Each ray has a specific color, frequency and quality of God’s consciousness….

The violet ray has the qualities of mercy, forgiveness, justice, freedom and transmutation. … Just as in the qualities of Christ Consciousness .… 

In Divine Metaphysical understanding, we know that the place of the most high….the “crown charka”… is identified with the color violet… the charka of Spirituality at the top of our head. Physically…it is associated with the brain and the entire nervous system…

We are told that from the very beginning we have dominion over all things… with the power of the place of manifestation which is in our consciousness {in the physical…our brain, our entire nervous system}….where we can rule over our individual self….in peace and righteousness.

In Bible Scripture we are told there is to come a new Jerusalem.  A new way/place for people to live in peace.

 Metaphysically the meaning of the new Jerusalem is “habitation or foundation of peace”…  her sad days are gone….. the old ways have ended…and it is a new day!            

“The kingdom of God is near, says the prophet.”   or  Living in peace is near.

The scripture goes on to tell us that this coming will… Fill in the valleys, and level the mountains and hills.  Straighten the curves, and smooth out the rough places.”  ………  

 From Lamsa’s “Old Testament Light”, we read …

All these sayings are used metaphorically.  Valleys and low places are symbolic of meek and weak peoples who were crushed under the feet of the proud and strong nations.

 Mountain and hills are the haughty and arrogant nations and peoples who were to be humbled.  The crooked and rough places symbolize injustices, high taxation, and other evils which brought misery upon the people.  They were to be made straight.  All great nations who had oppressed Israel were to be humbled. A new order was to supplant the old,… an order of righteousness and justice. 

A shift is coming of way of life… A SHIFT in consciousness… from the old injustices to a higher order….

A new order… righteousness…. justice…. sad days are gone….a foundation of peace…  truth… the higher vibration

Advent’s Promises…. God in Christ Consciousness is coming to the world. The coming of the divine-idea human… this is the promise of the visible manifestation of that I AM or Christ Consciousness…. the fulfillment in humans of that original spiritual I AM.   Not just in one human…. for all…. all to Advent… to come to this realization!

All these thing are promised to the children of the Most High …the higher consciousness….those who know the connection and realize the Oneness.

So how does Advent suggest that we prepare??

First by REPENTANCE… that is having an awareness of our error thinking… A time of thoughtful introspection…..becoming aware of the self…. for transformation or change of thought and purpose… clearing the mind… making this self ready for the coming of Christ Consciousness…

In fundamental thought, sin is the failure to grow… metaphysically …error thinking is the failure to become….

Repentance requires staying awake, listening, gratitude, and admitting vulnerability.  In other words, getting real.

Second by Prayer… becoming still… centering.  Balanced.  Turning our attention within to the very center of our being… where the Christ Connection is to be found….  

Thirdly by patience… Patience in the knowing that God in Christ Consciousness is coming to the entire world.  Patience with our self in the evolution of this consciousness…  knowing that it takes time… life times…. many life times, for this to be fulfilled.  Patience in the daily struggles of life… those lessons we are continually given so that we may learn and then move on to the next lesson to advance in our soul’s journey.  Patience with others in their progression….  remembering that whatever role we fulfill in their learning is also very meaningful to us.  Patience with the world’s progression… patience with Divine Order…patience with our self. 

 The traditional Christmas story is touching on many levels…. but particularly today concerning the anticipation ….. the coming of…. the advent of… something so wonderful and prized as Peace and realization of the Oneness.  We must prepared our self and make ready for the time of Oneness and Peace…. We must be able to see it in our mind’s eye… imagine what it feels like…how it smells…how it tastes…and plan on how to keep it…. and when we do receive it, how to keep it close and cherished it…

This is what we must do in this season of advent…. Of coming… We must prepare ourselves for our realization of our own Christ Consciousness… make ourselves ready.  Do we have in our being the knowing of how wonderful and fulfilling it can be in our lives????  Do we anticipate it,  want it as much as we have wanted anything??  Do we cherish and prize what we do receive???  Are we willing to give to others this great gift???                                                 

Comfort, comfort my people…. and… Clear the way through the wilderness… God in Christ Consciousness is coming to the world.