We should realize at this point of our journey that the spiritual realm is a higher dimension of existence. This dimension is thought to be the origin of our universe, and perhaps creation itself. It is an ethereal realm that all life, energy, and consciousness is rooted into through all its different forms and figures.

Every culture, belief, and religion have different ideas about the existence of a spiritual realm. Similar concepts are also found throughout many metaphysical, indigenous, and shamanic beliefs. This commonality between religions and beliefs is the birthplace of omnism.

{Omnism is a philosophical and religious belief system that emphasizes the acceptance and respect of all religious and spiritual beliefs and paths. Those who identify as omnists believe that there is truth and value in all religions and that no single religion holds a monopoly on spiritual wisdom or insight.}

So, the spiritual realm is depicted as a formless, timeless, and spaceless plane of existence. It is thought to have a vibrational energetic nature. We speak of “it” as frequencies.  This realm has some form of governance over reality {Universal Laws}, while this universe is only a tiny part of it. In the scheme of things, our universe is a drop of water in the cosmic ocean.

We are thought to vicariously exist in the spiritual realm on an energetic level.  Divine Metaphsicans believe that we return to this realm after death and between lives. This plane of existence acts as a platform of energy that all things manifest from.

This dimension goes by many different names. These names and interpretations are largely based around different religious and spiritual beliefs. Other names for this dimension include ultimate reality, source, the infinite, astral planes, universal intelligence, the fifth dimension, cosmic consciousness and so on. These terms are often used interchangeably.

If other realms do exist, we have no way of understanding, perceiving, or comprehending them. We have not evolved to that point or created the neural pathways to accept them or allow them to be real in our world.

There is so much ambiguity around the subject, that we can never really know the actual truth. All we have are theories and ideas. These theories are constantly changing, as does our knowledge of this place.

As we continue to raise our frequencies on our journey in enlightenment, knowing; we help others raise theirs.  This is how we create the realization of our oneness in the physical.   We are beginning to “see” this in our world and it is becoming apparent, on all levels; mind, body and spirit. 

Patience with the process and patience with the growth.  You already are as spiritual as you will ever be.  You are now evolving into it!!