Human beings, in reality, do not have a “dark side”.   Although that may sound completely absurd, especially in current times, I believe I can give you a creditable agreement to show you that this is so.

To begin with, the term “dark side” has a decidedly judgmental spin. Dark seems to mean bad or evil.

For example, in our contemporary Western culture, the most frequent use of the term, “Dark Side” is actually an association with the Star Wars movies. Darth Vader was turned to the dark side and manifests all the classic characteristics of evil.  And he’s really smart.  Just like the devil figure, so common in a wide variety of religious/spiritual beliefs.

The concept of evil infers the existence of an organizing force, a kind of massive conspiracy of darkness which systematically works to degrade and destroy processes of good and light. There is no duality in the Energy of Creation. 

The idea of evil is obsolete in the new metaphysics.  In cutting edge metaphysics,  God is pure love.  And God is everything. Period.

Anything that appears evil is simply disordered. That’s all. No attitude, no agenda, to the disorder. Just simple entropy, plain old impersonal, mechanical chaos.

For the scientist, entropy is the universal tendency of organized systems of energy and matter to automatically fall apart, erode, and disintegrate.

For the metaphysician, entropy is intentionally built into the universe to keep it from becoming stagnant. This force is an important part of God’s creative toolbox, something like an eraser.  As lesser but nonetheless powerful creators’ entropy is in our toolboxes too.

Think about it:  Without some kind of force to stimulate disorganization, everything would swing too far to the other end of the spectrum. Without entropy, everything will become more and more ordered until the universe and various worlds in it would steadily reach a state of perfect, crystalline order.

And what would that be like? Not too exciting, really.  A world without entropy would be a frozen, motionless, un evolving place in which nothing new could ever again be created.  A universe without entropy is a dead-end universe.

All sentient creatures in this particular universe choose to be here knowing full well in advance we will encounter a variety of entropic processes along the way.  It cannot be stressed enough: entropy is utterly impersonal. It is not dark or evil or sinister or a bogeyman out to get you.

How do we explain the parts of our lives where highly destructive events and people are experienced?            Is it really a slide??

Consider a plant. The seed of a plant contains exquisitely ordered information. When the seed germinates, this information begins to order the chaotically and randomly arrange raw materials surrounding it. As this ordering process progresses, tissues are formed, and a viable living reproducing organism creates itself.

Molecules which are incorporated into the structure of the plant’s cells become a part of the order. Molecules which remain outside the Organism in the air or soil, remain disordered.

So it is with our personal selves. The parts of us that are in a higher state of love, and light and goodness are the parts we have ordered. Everything else, just remains a part of the entropy- disordered universe around us. There is no darkness to the disorder and thus no “dark side”.

We choose to be here in this place.  And we wanted entropy, asking specifically for entropy.  Entropy, as it takes the form of hardship, disease, makes us struggle.  And struggle, like the energy required to work an exercise machine, makes us stronger– in many highly desirable ways.

We want our exercise to become stronger, and we want our entropy to become enlightened.  Just as we go to a lot of trouble to go to exercise so that we will have strong bodies, we go to a lot of trouble to set up coursework in the gym of life, which will deepen and beautify our souls. We are, all in all, a very highly motivated group of souls that have congregated here together.

Sure, we experience.– as apparent parts of our self– confusion, depression, anxiety, aggression, and all sorts of other undesirable thought patterns.  But these kinds of entropic processes do not work together to make up an organized “dark side”. Or create a bogeyman.

Nonetheless, the concept of a “dark side” can be useful. There is no such thing as a zero, either, but the concept of a symbol for nothing is quite practical. Care givers and coaches can use the concept of a dark side to accomplish very practical therapeutic goals. We’ve all heard of shadow work.

Maybe it is time to change our concept of what is a “dark side”?