We know that the God Consciousness is within; THAT WE ARE A CO-CREATOR.   Do we practice this knowing?  Are we actively putting this knowledge to use in our daily lives? 

          With every minute of every day we have the power to make our life the experience that it was meant to be!  In theory, most of us will say we KNOW this to be true.  And…soon …as soon as I take care of this…or when that happens, then I will…… Begin to live using the co-creatorship….NOW.

          NOW is the time to  began……… to practice this ability in the very moment…..

          Do you realize the value of that little three letter word NOW?!?!

          NOW, the present time, the present tense, the moment that is at hand.  The only time with which you really have anything to do.

          This is a part of our Spiritual path…to awaken out of the illusory world of the thinking human mind into the truth and reality of the life lived in the present moment.  NOW…The world of the mind is a world of the remembered past and imagined future.  It is a world of illusion…. and yet …..almost every one believes this illusory world to be the truth of life.       

          The PAST is gone irrevocable…It has passed into oblivion!!!!  It is true that you are today reaping the results of the past, and will continue to reap its harvest to a greater or lesser extent in the future, but it cannot be changed, regardless of how much time and effort are expended in regret.  If the past has been lived unwisely, it is useless to worry over it and spend our present day of opportunity in remorse!

          From Ralph Waldo Emerson…

          Finish every day and be one with it.  You have done what you could.  Some blunders and absurdities crept in.  Forget them as soon as you can.  Tomorrow is a new day; you should begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.

          And…….if our accomplishments and achievements have been beyond the usual and have granted us  praise and honor, our present should not be spent in self praise and congratulatory thoughts about these past successes.  Anything that we may have accomplished in the past can be outdistanced in the future!!!

          If we are not doing a greater work today than ever before, something is wrong with our method of development.

          The mistakes of the past can be obliterated to a degree by wise and constructive living today!

          For most people, the present is only a knot tying the past and the future together.  One eye on the future and one eye on the past.  They fail to watch their immediate step [being in the now] and topple down the abyss.

          In considering one’s present condition, many times an element of self-pity and self-exoneration are used for excuses for our present condition.  We blame our environment, heredity, others…

          Therefore, we must accept responsibility for the past whatever it has been and for the present whatever it may be.  BUT….accepting responsibility for the past, and continuing to brood over it are two different things.

          When are we to begin building for the futures that our situations may change??

          THERE IS ONLY ONE TIME TO BEGIN!!! and that is the present moment.

          If you don’t change yourself today, you will get tomorrow more or less the same as what life served you yesterday. 

          The future can only be changed in the present moment of NOW and the karma of the past can be erased in the present moment of NOW.

          The present moment is your sanctuary and safe haven where all life’s answers can be found and solved!!