In the moment of writing this, I have to admit that I was more than a bit cynical….about life and the balance of it …. especially concerning the general mood of humanity in this moment in time.   The world doesn’t feel like it is evolving to a time of peace, in my view ….and…. what happened to that message of peace and love that Divine Metaphysics gives us …. is it even relevant today???  Is it….

Like I said, was more than a bit cynical.

“Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Believein God, believe also in me.”….. come these words attributed to that human man we know as Jesus…. He goes on to say that he is preparing a place for me no matter who you are or what you believe… and all will be comfortable….all will be accepted.

Believe in God….believe in me…. What does that really mean???  I want to have that peace…I want everyone to have that peace & to live in his mother/father house that has many rooms…room enough for ALL of us….together.

So here we are… in this season of war, questions, distrust, fake news, AI, fear and wondering what the hell is going on….  Acknowledging and celebrating what life can be, should be…. experiencing that peace that was from his heart to ours…can be a bit difficult….and when we hear that we truly can change our lives and live in the energy that was promised to us… don’t we question and wonder is it really true??   Especially in these very uncertain times…                                                                                                 

So…how can we get there, to the peace and love that is our birth right??? Isn’t that really the biggest question?… or why aren’t we already there more than 2000 years after his arrival….   What is the answer??

Imagine, if you can, that every aspect of this world, including humans ….operated by laws… which are created out of kindness and love.  Laws that result in you having what you need when you need it, that always work for the highest good of all… completely impartial….. Laws that apply to everyone equally everywhere throughout our world… Laws that work without prejudice, without bias, without judges and courts and trials and lawyers… without bribery and pay offs.  Laws that are just and beneficial for everyone at all times and in all places.

Might make all those promises and hopes and dreams more believable.  What a wonderful world that would be!!

Guess What? It’s really true…and this is the way our world is at this very moment… whether you believe in them or not… these laws are in operation each day, each hour and each minute.  They are the Universal Laws

I feel you….I hear you…. “Rightttt”…. Sure…. are you dreaming???  My life sure isn’t like that…and I’m a good person and I really try!  There is chaos, unpredictability, uncertainties, problems and plenty of difficulties…..fear running rampant…the world sure doesn’t look that way to me….. I don’t see much good or peace….

It is strange and disturbing because both conditions exist  and co-exist.  And…if we don’t understand how these paradoxes exist in a world of law and beauty, we stay confused and frustrated and sometimes without much hope. 

I’m here to tell you that I know from experience…. There is more than hope and there is great joy… in coming to an understanding of The Universal Laws… for the laws produce both conditions.  The chaos and suffering come when we, WE  misapply them.  They create beauty and harmony in our lives when we use them in the highest way. So…. these laws are the keys by which we can make our lives and world what we would like it to be.  This is more than a promise, it is a reality….whether you acknowledge the laws or not!!

This universe that we call home is governed not only by the rules of Newtonian and subatomic physics…but also by Spiritual laws that existed when the world was created…. and the Energy we call God is also bound by them. Each of us is hardwired to spiritual principles that govern this universe and everything in it.  Every day…every hour…. every minute.

Many of us can intuit this.  We may not have the vocabulary to express it, but we can intuit it with the same certainty that we know we have to breathe to live. 

There are basic principles by which life operates….

You and I experience minute by minute and hour by hour the results of the operation of these laws in our lives…. there are some laws that you are very aware of…. and some you aren’t… but they are in operation none the less…. Ignorance of the laws does not mean that they are not in operation.

Think of a crystal that you may have hanging in your home… do you notice how the light of the sun is broken into beautiful arrays of color when passing through that prism… Universal laws of optics and of light are in operation….

Have you watched a cloud move in from behind the mountains and snow starts falling?? The moisture in the clouds precipitates into snow at the precise temperature and condition, by law, and the snow falls in accord with the law of gravity.  Night falls, and we see the stars and planets in their movement across the heavens, their positions governed by the laws of planetary motion.  A satellite, following the same laws, is on its way to an empty point of space billions and billions of miles away.  When it arrives in that particular area, a planet will be passing through at that precise time in accord with the laws. 

The satellite will transmit pictures and data back to us over these billions and billions of miles, all possible because we know and use the laws of radio transmission.    Flip a light switch and the light fills the room as the laws of electricity operate precisely and predictably.  

Cars, telephones, tv set, computers, phones, EVERYTHING operates in accord with universal laws that apply to each. If it were not so, these things could not be designed to function reliably.   These Universal laws have been in existence from the beginning of time.  Humankind has only recently discovered them …evolved to understand them… and learned how to put them to use.  EVERYTHING IN THE EARTH IS RULED BY LAW.

Consider the importance to us the physical universal laws such as the laws of electricity, chemistry, radio transmission, nature’s laws of growth and reproduction, the law of gravity!!!!  No one doubts or debates these laws or questions their existence. 

Doesn’t it seem only reasonable that the Creative Force that provided these laws for the operation of the physical world would provide laws for Its most complex and beautiful and most evolved creation ….US??  Would not we be in as precise and beautiful order as all the rest of creation???                                                        

It would not have been logical or consistent for the Creator to provide precise laws for the physical world and to have left the functioning of the mental/spiritual world of humankind to chance or worse…..

The Universal Laws are as important as the air we breathe or the food we eat.  Yet not many folks recognize or understand these laws….  Few people know them and even fewer try to apply them in their lives. They are rarely taught …and seldom seen in their true significance… and even less understood in their relation to our life…. So…what are they and how do we know them??

There is the clue… here is why we have the story of Jesus and what it means to us … 

The essence and purpose of all universal laws and the reason for their existence is to manifest the infinite love  of the Universe to you and to me… To allow us to evolve to become all we are intended to be….   


Understanding the story of Jesus and the essence of what he taught will give you an understanding of the Universal Laws.  As he said, “I am the way,  the truth, and the life”.  If you have known me, you will also know my Father{Creator}….you will know LAW.

This is telling us….If you live as I have taught…. from my heart to yours….. then peace will be yours.  If you live as I have lived, and have served others as I have served….you will know God.   You will know the laws… You will know peace…

God is Universal Law and Jesus lived in God…Jesus lived the law. Living in the laws is Christ Consciousness.

The birthing of the baby Jesus was the birthing of the human connection to how to live and be in peace. At some point, as a child, Jesus became aware of the laws.  He became aware of how to be a human in the highest energy possible…. in total awareness and in communion with Universal laws.   He used this knowledge to evolve as a Spirit on the human journey of that incarnation. 

And we are told that we can do all he did/accomplished and even more are we capable of.

The Universal Laws are the fundamental means through which we can consciously take charge of and direct our lives with the awareness…the consciousness …. of what we are truly creating…manifesting….for ourself as well as the world we have created.  THE WORLD WE HAVE CREATED!!!!!. 

A key to the great advances in the physical…material world was the understanding of Newton’s laws and quantum physics.  In the mental/spiritual world  the equivalent to that is the realization and understanding of Universal Law as the fundamental fabric of our lives…. When we realize this, as our wayshower Jesus did…. we will know God.   AND…we become the savoir of self  and the world.

This is our hope and our way to living in peace. These laws have been with us since the Big Bang {since God became into the physical}…. God operates by these laws….God is these laws.. These laws are as old as life itself… They are unbreakable, unchangeable principles of life that operate inevitably…in all phases of our life and existence, for all human beings and all things, everywhere, all the time. Whether you choose to be aware of them or not!!

We are in the stage of evolution at this moment in time where we are now able to become aware of the laws…. as completely as our personal evolution…our journey in enlightenment…  allows.  This enables us to identify with the Christ Consciousness within.  Through this realization, we can bring great blessings to ourselves and to others. This is why we are here on the earth plane… to learn and understand Universal Laws.

And as we do, we not only bring about our own development ….enlightenment, but …. by our growth we also raise the consciousness of the world.

Classes in Understanding the Universal Laws will begin this year.  This information is life changing!