We have lived in a consciousness where we believe that we are separate from each other and all things.  This kind of mindset has characteristics that produce competition, fear and conflict.  It has been the base cause of wars and the disregard of our fellow humans that has pledged our societies throughout history. The most important aspect of our shifting out of this mindset into the next stage will be the integrating of the deep knowing that there is no separation. We are part of the whole.  Everything we do not only to each other but to the earth will be felt by the whole…. that is us…you and me.

Even though we are in a consciousness of separation, unity is the one thing that we humans have ingrained in us from birth. Starting literally in the womb where mother and child are connected with the umbilical cord.  This connectedness carries on with us into the unity of partnership, marriage, then family, and can extend into race and religion.  We easily feel and understand this concept when we go that far in our descriptions of our lives but once we start talking of things outside of these things, that is where unity usually ends.

It is birthed in the fear of the unknown.  From the lack of understanding and knowledge about a race or nationality or a religion or a country.  From seeing people as different if they have different skin color have different customs or beliefs.  Or judging them as not our kind, not of our thinking or possibly a threat to our families or our way of life.

When we are introduced to a culture or a person that is different from us quickly recognize that there is no difference…  Have we had that happen?  Then our idea of oneness is extended to them.  Taking away the ignorance of not knowing them immediately eliminates the fear.

This is the first step in expanding our consciousness out from our immediate boundaries of experience.  Factors that are accomplishing this result are the advent of global travel and mass media, social media and of course the World Wide Web.

We now can quickly and easily obtain information about different countries and people which eliminates the fear of the unknown and allows us to understand that the human race is all the same. Realizing that we all basically have the same experiences in life and because of global communications we are now able to reach out and interact with people all over the world.

It’s just been in our lifetime that this ability to connect globally has begun and I believe it is an essential part of us evolving a peaceful brave new world.  It’s called mass consciousness and in history has been reserved to the people inhabiting the small areas where they live ……because of the lack of technology. 

In the technical times in which we now live with social media and mass communications, it is possible to experience things from a worldly consciousness making the idea of unity consciousness much easier to understand and accomplish. There is a scientific explanation for this phenomena.  It is called a grid or a web that surrounds the earth connecting all of us together.  Have you ever had the experience of being with a group of people and you all had the same thought at once?  We like to say they are coincidences but as we know there are no coincidences.  If you have ever noticed in nature how a species seems to practice nonverbal communication, seeming to know what the other is going to do.  They do this because each species has their own web that they tap into that relays their intentions to each other.

Our next big step in evolution is for our present duality consciousness to the consciousness of oneness…. also called unity consciousness.  This is the next age for humanity. This is the time of living with the knowing that what we do to another we do to ourselves.  All the great holy books of the known universe have this concept in one form or another.  We know it as the golden rule.

Welcome to the Age of Unity Consciousness.