I will be speaking about the chakras on Sunday September 3rd.  While working on the chakra presentation I have assimilated some ideas to present to you in this weekly blog.

I have found it is not important to believe that the chakras exist even though there is science to back up their existence. The important thing is to think about these things and hopefully adopt these musings as a metaphor of possibilities.

 I ask you to consider what would the possibilities be if you were to believe the following statements in every cell and every atom of your body?

We are a whole system, not just parts! We are comprised of body/mind, intellect, and spirit.

This whole system thinks. We have feelings, sensations, and responses in our body. Even though we have been taught through conditioning to run away from, ignore, push down, and disconnect from the signals in our body…. our bodies hold clues to our awakening, transformation, and healing.

Every feeling, sensation, and response in the body is intelligent. These responses have meaning to us. However, it is not important to know exactly what the specific meaning is, but to discover the metaphors and places to look. It is not about knowing what the problem is, it is about discovering the possibilities of who you would become after the feeling or experience has moved, been transformed, or released.

The body is a bio processor.  It processes energy and information at 4 billion bits of information per second. The intellect is capable of taking in 4 billion bits of information per second but only processes 2000.

The body can process information without the involvement of the intellect. There was a time when you did not have language, when you were in the womb before you were two.  All of what you learned was through experience and kinesthetic information.  In other words, direct input into the system– your body.  Considering that your body did not need a full vocabulary of words, digital information, or intellectual learning like you did in school to learn to experience feelings in the system… speak, eat, laugh, crawl, walk, or drive your parents crazy and all this before you were two years old. How did you learn these things so quickly? The answer is direct input and processing into your body. You can imagine how powerful it is to learn and process information through your entire system instead of the slow process of our intellect.

Remember, energy does not have judgment. Energy is energy. There is no right, wrong, good, or bad… It is just information. How you engage the information will determine how useful it is.

Space is already present in the body for we are made-up mostly of space… Our belief that we have space in our body may not be what we consider to be real.  From a quantum or cellular perspective, it is very real.  This may be the prime reason we feel so much stress. When we allow ourselves to experience this space, stress is greatly reduced.

Breathing is good.  Breathing plays three important roles:

 It raises your energetic frequency that activates life force energy in the body and promotes cellular healing.

It invites more openness and space in the body. When we believe that we are mostly made-up of space and that this space exists within us, it is easier for us to heal.

Breathing promotes the flow of energy/information to move inside our bodies.

Pay attention to your body.  When the “door” knocks with “the problem” it is useful to answer it.  Continuing to ignore the signals in the body will just invite the signals to become larger and stronger as it invites you to pay attention.

The body always tells the truth.

The body {the system} does not know the difference between what it experiences in its environment and a memory.

The chakra system and learning about how it works helps you with the operation of your conscious system.  We are given so much information and knowledge to help us along our journey on the earth plane, let’s use it.  Getting to know the system that powers and balances your body will help you on all levels of this existence.  After all, it has been on earth between 2000 and 5000 years.  To be in existence that long means it has value.  Let’s use it and be well on all levels of life–mind, body, and spirit.